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The Friends of Axbridge Church was formed in March 2002 with the express purpose of raising funds to maintain the fabric of this historic building and help preserve it as part of Axbridge's heritage. It draws its members from all those (whether churchgoers or not) within the community who have an interest in the town's history and heritage.

The Church of St John the Baptist dominates the town square of Axbridge. It is one of the most magnificent in Somerset, a county noted for its splendid churches. In Simon Jenkins' book "England's Thousand Best Churches" it is given a three star rating, the author saying, "This is not so much a church, more the banqueting hall of a Royalist courtier."

The present church was started around 1230 but most of the building you see today dates from the fifteenth century.  Built from Mendip limestone, the wealth of the town during that period is reflected in the impressive height of the tower, the big windows and the delicate tracery of the ceilings. One of its most striking features is the spectacular nave ceiling, erected in 1636 and restored to its original celestial blue last century. In December 2011 we celebrated the installation of new wiring and lighting to further enhance the beauty of our church.

To date the Friends funds have helped to preserve the Fry monument in the Lady Chapel; and paid for new doors on the tower; restored the 17th century Prowse monument; installed magnificent glass doors at the South Porch. The latest project was to provide new lighting throughout the church, as you might imagine at considerable cost.

If you feel you would like to do your bit to save the town's amazing heritage please consider joining the Friends. You can subscribe as an annual or life member and take part in the fund raising and social activities. Annual membership is £7.50 per person or £10 for a couple. Life membership is a one-off subscription of £75 per person or £100 per couple.

For a membership pack contact the FOAC secretary email: foacsecretary@gmail.com

South Porch Glazed Doors

Last Updated AG 4 January 2020
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