Christian Leader at Kings of Wessex Academy

At the beginning of 2015 Elizabeth Alden began her work as Christian Leader at the Kings of Wessex Secondary Academy. Elizabeth can be contacted through the school. This is a post which is part-funded by the Cheddar Valley Churches.

Here is her recent message to students, parents and staff:

The King @ Kings : Offering the Best to everyone

I am honoured to be the Christian Leader at The Kings of Wessex Academy and view with great hope the opportunities before us.  The Academy is proud to be a church school and embraces God’s word and teaching.  Staff and students alike have made me most welcome.   It is certainly an encouraging environment in which to work.

The unity of the churches in and around Cheddar is a real strength.  I thank God that we are all truly working together to bless this community with God’s goodness.

 I have taken  opportunities to tell the students how God’s people locally value and love them.  The students can see evidence of this as Christians lead assemblies, volunteer in the Academy and in the post of Christian Leader.

The Academy encourages respectful and open conversation about God and belief.  I have enjoyed conversations with students with a variety of questions about life, the Bible and God.  I have also been encouraged to hear discussion between students on such important matters.  Please ask God to speak his truth and love in such conversations.

Every day begins with an assembly or Tutor time.  Assemblies are led by visiting speakers and clergy , tutor groups, house heads or senior staff members.  In Tutor time, discussion within tutor groups is prompted by the powerpoint presentations which I produce weekly.  If you can, please pray for the students at this time of day, and for God’s revelation in conversations that might continue at Break and Lunch times.

During the school year there is a regular Christian Union called Engage (engaging with God, each other and pizza !) and during the last year there has been an  Alpha course for senior students. All parents or friends of the school are invited to join me to pray for the school on the first Thursday of each term (or old half term). I look forward to seeking God together for the good of the students and school then.

Yours together, serving the King @ Kings,

Elizabeth Alden
Christian Leader, Kings of Wessex Academy

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